I Can’t Decide…

I narrowed it down to 15 images for my newborn display. The problem is I only need 10! I can’t narrow it down any more. Please vote by making a comment and tell me which 5 I should take out. (if you click on the image it will tell you the image number) Thanks for your help!


4 Responses

  1. This is so hard. But considering where the pictures will be going, I think the ones to go are 004, 076-copy, 106-bw-copy, 027-bw-fixed, and regan-086-bw.

    You take such good newborn pictures. I can’t wait until you take pictures of Squid – can’t wait until the 18th to find out what we’re having!

  2. Hey! i love your pictures! the ones i think should go are; 076-copy, 106-bw-copy, pictures-167, picture-027-bw/fixed! i love them all! good job!

  3. These are SOO amazing Wendi! It’s so hard to choose!!
    I think that you should take out : Pic 027-bw-fixed, 076 copy, 076, 106-bw-copy, Pic-167.

  4. Oh – I think I posted it to the wrong thing – but I will let you know again that the pictures I would say are $27, #76 (which is up there twice), #106, and #174

    Good luck and congratulation!

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