A Beautiful Bride

Here is a sneak peek of a bridal session I did on Friday. I don’t usually do weddings, so a bridal session is a real treat for me. I had so much fun with this dream bridal shoot. She was such a fun and easy going bride.  And I am in love with this fabulous new location that gave us so many different looks.  Here are a few of my favorites.









Thanks for all the Babies!

 I have had such a great response to my last post! I have photographed or have appointments to photograph all the newborns I need.  I am so grateful to all the mother’s that have let me “barrow” their babies. I can’t wait to get all these precious images printed and displayed. Here are a couple of the newborns I photographed this weekend. This is why newborns are my absolute favorite subject to photograph! They are just simply adorable.




I Need Your Babies!

Baby Hannah

I just got a great opportunity to display a bunch of my newborn photographs. I really would like to use some fresh, brand new images for this display. If you or anyone you know has a newborn no older than 4 weeks, then it’s your lucky day. I need you. Call or email me asap and you will get a FREE newborn session. Yes, that’s right. I said FREE. Prints, cards and all other products will be available for you to buy if you would like, but the SESSION is FREE! This is a $75 value. This is only for parents that don’t mind if I use their baby’s images for my display in a very public place for tons of people to see. Oh, and you and your newborn must be available for a session in the next week or two. I only need about two or three newborns so get calling or emailing!!

Valentine’s Cards

Want to do something different this year for v-day? Here are some fun ideas for custom Valentine’s Cards. But you have to act fast! If we get your session in before Feb. 3rd, we are sure to get your cards back in time. So call TODAY to schedule your special Valentine’s session!



A Fun Family Session

I always love photographing this family. I think you can see why. They are all so beautiful with amazing smiles. They almost just pose themselves. I wish every family was this fun to photograph.






Tribute to Two Incredible People

If there is anyone in this world I would like to be like, it’s my grandparents. They are the most kind and generous people I know. Even thought my grandpa had a stroke several years ago and can’t do much of anything on his own, my grandmother is always so happy with a positive attitude about everything. And my grandpa is hilarious, always cracking a joke. The reason why I am the photographer I am today is because of them. They put me through school, helped buy my camera equipment and pay for many of the photography workshops that I go to and are very supportive of what I do. Recently I have had the feeling that I NEEDED to take their photograph. I don’t know why I have never photographed them before, especially since all that they do for me. But I felt particularly impressed to take their portraits. So on Sunday I finally did it. It was actually quite an ordeal. My dad had to come and pick my grandpa up out of his comfy recliner and put him in a smaller less obvious chair. I had to bring all my lights since the lighting wasn’t very good in the room where my grandpa sits. Not to mention that it was pretty emotional to me. Not that I haven’t seen my grandpa like this is before , but because he seemed especially distant that day and it nearly broke my heart. But he was still funny, he pretended to try to bite my grandma’s hand when I told her to put it on his cheek. I also felt extra pressure from myself that I wanted to show how wonderful my grandparents are in these images and I HAD to make these images special. I think it was my most challenging photo shoot to date. There was lighting issues, posing issues, distracting things in the background, it was tricky to get my grandpa to look at the camera and of course it was very emotional. But I loved it. It made me so happy to photograph the two people that mean so much to me. Here are some of my favorite images from that day.

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